Reflections on the Greats

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I have had the honour to meet many of the great contributors to systemic family therapy over the years. Sadly, some of them have now passed on. I have been pleased to be invited to remember some of them…

Lynn Hoffman Obituary.  Journal of Family Therapy.

The Priest and the Motorbike – Re-membering Peter Lang, a true renaissance man.  Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal, 30. 

Bateson, Nora & McCarthy, Imelda (2014). An Ecology of Mind – Family Therapy in the face of new emerging conditions. Human Systems Journal of Systemic Therapy, 23, 4-16

Celebrating the Legacy of Gianfranco Cecchin in the Fifth ProvinceMetalogos, 26

Gianfranco Cecchin and Fifth ProvincePersonal Recollections and Professional Legacies. Connessioni, 16: Febradio, 123 – 127

In Memory of Humberto Maturana 1928 – 1921 in Feedback forthcoming. 2021

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