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Imelda McCarthy & Jean Minogue 2019.  The Fifth Province approach as a Systemic Meditative Practice Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice. Winter 2019 2: (2) 55 – 69


Imelda McCarthy 2019 FOREWORD – Padraic Gibson Book  2019 Advances in Effective Brief Psychotherapy: Strategies, Relationships, Communication.  Dublin: Lettertec.

McCarthy, I. & Byrne, N.  2019 MARGINAL ILLUMINATIONS  April 2019 in McGoldrick, M and Hardy, K.  Revisioning Family Therapy, 3rd Edition. New York: Guilford Press  


Lynn Hoffman Obituary.  Fokus pa Familien.

Lynn Hoffman Obituary.  Journal of Family Therapy.

A Traumatic Intrusion with Transgressive Possibilities, Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice. 1 (2) Autumn


Foreword to Creativity in Times of Constraint: A practitioner’s companion in mental health and social care by  Jim Wilson.

The Ocean in the Waves: Unity in diversity and the implications of a Fifth Province approach in complex systems. Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal, 31. 

The Priest and the Motorbike – Re-membering Peter Lang, a true renaissance
 Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal, 30. 


Ernst Salamon & Imelda McCarthy (2016). Hope and Risk: Systemic practices for supervision and assessment in child protection.  In Systemic Therapy as Transformative Practice. Eds. Imelda McCarthy & Gail Simon. Farnhill: Everything is Connected Press.

McCarthy, Imelda & Simon, Gail (2016). Preface. In Systemic Therapy as Transformative Practice. Eds. Imelda McCarthy & Gail Simon. Farnhill: Everything is Connected Press.


Bateson, Nora & McCarthy, Imelda (2014). An Ecology of Mind – Family Therapy in the face of new emerging conditions. Human Systems Journal of Systemic Therapy, 23, 4-16

Celebrating the Legacy of Gianfranco Cecchin in the Fifth ProvinceMetalogos, 26.


The Fifth Province: Imagining a Space of Dialogical Co-Creations! Context, Dec 2010, 6-11. Originally shared at shared at the ‘Training in a Women’s Voice’ conference organised by KCC in June 2009.


Byrne, Nollaig & McCarthy, Imelda  (2007). The Dialectical Structure of Hope and Despair: A Fifth Province Approach. In Flaskas, C., McCarthy, I. & Sheehan, J (Eds.) (2007) Hope and Despair in Narrative and Family Therapy: Reflections on Adversity, Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Hove/NY: Brunner Routledge.


The Fifth Province, Spirituality and Love: Co-Creating a Sacred Space
Therapy Conversations. 
 GROW Magazine. 


 The Fifth Province and Love: Co-Creating a Sacred Space in Therapy ConversationsKeynote: 20th Anniversary Conference. Institute of Systemic Studies, Hamburg.

Gianfranco Cecchin and Fifth ProvincePersonal Recollections and Professional Legacies. Connessioni, 16: Febradio, 123 – 127


The Messenger is the message.  Spirituality and Systemic Family Therapy. Sri Vasudeva talks with Imelda McCarthy

The Spirit of The Fifth Province: An Ancient Metaphor for a New MilleniumFeedback, Winter 2002, 9, 2: 10 – 13.

Fifth Province Diamonds: Contrasts in Co-ordinated Play 


McCarthy, Imelda (2001). Fifth Province re-versings: the social construction of women lone parents’ inequality and poverty.  Journal of Family Therapy, 23, 3, 253 – 277.


Byrne, Nollaig & McCarthyImelda (1999). Feminism, Politics and Power in Therapeutic DiscourseIn Ian Parker (Ed.), Deconstructing Psychotherapy.London: Sage Publications.Add block


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